Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Monday and new stuff!

This morning is Monday which is usually a bleurgh day at best.  However, it's lashing rain and cold and so windy, it'd blow your hair off.  And I'm in work.  Is that a triple bleurgh day?

Ah, but to cheer me up, several orders arrived, yay!!! I don't have pics but I'll link to the suppliers... first off is a new set (for me) from Lawn Fawn (in the course of this blog you'll see that I am in heart with them, big time).  Titch, our honorary daughter, found out her Aunt is pregnant and I wanted to make a card for them to say congrats so I got this:

It's called Plus One and I thought it was sooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Plus great for any other baby type cards, before and after the baby is due plus for baby showers.  

Then I got the Bannerific stamp set with matching dies ... I thought these would be SO useful for all sorts of cards!

Then, I had gotten a missed parcel note from the Post Office, so we swung around there to pick it up (before work of course, I got up early to do it!).  

So, in my second delivery was:

Simply Said: Love Clear Stamps - I thought these would be so useful! And I love the one that says "you more than bacon" ... how cool is that for a guy??

Corner Chomper - I've wanted this for an age!!! 

Year Three Birthday Clear Stamp ... it was a little one, but cute!

Stitched Journalling Die ... whilst I don't do journalling, I love the stitching effect and what great shapes.  I've wanted this forever and it's out of stock in so many places (including where I purchased it to be honest) but I HAD to have it!!!

Memonto Luxe Gray Fannel Pigment Ink... I just needed to try this, grey is so classy!

So that's why today is a good day... now it's a real pity I can't stay home and craft!!!! 

Happy Monday to you all x

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